Innovation and Technology

As part of our environmental management, we constantly promote the use of clean technologies to reduce freshwater consumption and waste generation. We apply suitable environmental protection standards and procedures in the management of our operations. At the same time, we have successfully overcome the challenges we have faced due to changes in legislation and higher environmental and social expectations among local populations.

We also conduct studies for the purpose of improving the prevention and control of the environmental impacts caused by our activities: testing for the comprehensive management of acid water in Julcani; studies for humus generation using sludge in order to improve soil in Mallay; the effluent treatment project aimed at ensuring low residual values in Orcopampa; and the tests for the generation of soils and wetlands aimed at the sustainability of the closure works and the control of acid water in La Zanja are just a few of the examples.

Awards and Acknowledgments

All of these environmental efforts have not gone unnoticed. We are proud to share with you some of the awards and acknowledgements that have been received by our subsidiary, Compañía Minera Coimolache:

  • First place in the “Reciclatón 2016” contest, organized by the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca.
  • Best work on the environment for the investigation and mining technology activities of the “Symbiosis Between Waste Management and Mine Closure” Project at the 11th National Mining Congress (CONAMIN).
  • Second place in the “National Water Culture Award,” given out by the National Water Authority (ANA), in the “Good Water Resource Management Practices” category.
  • Finalist in the “National Environmental Award,” organized by the Ministry of the Environment, with the project “Use of Effective Microorganisms for Solid Waste Management and the Improvement of Soil Quality.”

Solid Waste

Solid waste management is an important matter in our mining units. We have appropriate facilities for the temporary storage of this waste in order to facilitate its subsequent reuse, recycling or sale, depending on the type of material.

We also hire specialized solid waste management service providers (EPS-RS) authorized for the final disposal of hazardous waste, in compliance with the conditions established in the laws currently in force.

Hydroelectric Eco-Efficiency

  • We have carried out hydropower projects such as the Huanza Hydroelectric Plant (US$225MM) which generates 98 MW of clean, renewable power.
  • 5 hydroelectric plants.
  • 106 MW of installed power.

Huanza Hydroelectric Plant generates
98 MW
of clean, renewable power

5 hydroelectric plants

106 MW
of installed power