During 2016 our main safety-related activities included:

Campaigns and activities:

  • We continued with the participation of all to work toward achieving the “Zero Accidents” goal.
  • The “If It’s not Safe, Don’t Do It” campaign.
  • Campaigns to increase the reporting of incidents (near-accidents).
  • Road safety campaign, handing out pamphlets that highlight the responsibilities of both drivers and passengers.
  • Rescue of independent miners in Jatun Orcco, Huancavelica.
  • First inter-unit rescue contest.
  • Workshops on leadership topics with supervisors.
  • “DeCo” (Detect and Correct Substandard Conditions) Program, aimed at the Company’s critical risks.
  • Risky Conduct Observation Program.

Mandatory processes:

  • Auditing of hazardous materials transporters.
  • Multidisciplinary inspections, led by the Unit Manager.
  • Investigations into serious accidents, performed by work teams led by officers from other units.

Improvement actions:

  • Development of the Competence-Based Training Plan for personnel.
  • Continuous improvement meetings of the Safety Program, with the participation of Unit Managers, Mine Superintendents and Vice-Presidents.
  • Strengthening of the Industrial Health area and constant monitoring of physical, chemical, biological, and ergonomic risks.
  • Strengthening of Training for Emergency Response Brigades.


The Instituto de Seguridad Minera (ISEM), within the 20th National Mining Safety Contest, awarded our subsidiary company Minera La Zanja (Cajamarca) for achieving the goal of zero fatal accidents during 2016. Our subsidiary was recognized by the second year in the open pit category.

The awards were given to units that didn't have fatal accidents during the year and that also registered rates of less than four, severity less than 100 and more than one million man hours worked. For the open pit category, a severity index of less than 50 and a frequency of less than three was required.

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