Code of Ethics and Good Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Good Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") describes how we should work and contains the principles and guidelines of conduct to be respected by all those within its reach. This Code and its attachments are designed to help us evaluate and confront different types of situations with which we can meet.

The Employees, Permanent or Temporary, Interns, Officers, Directors and / or Executives of the Company and its affiliated subsidiaries, as well as those contractually contracted (hereinafter referred as "all persons subject to the Code") shall apply the rules of this Code and the principles and objectives thereof, as well as, if applicable, the applicable legal provisions.

It is the individual responsibility and obligation of each person subject to this Code to know it and comply with its policies, rules and standards of conduct. Those persons, subject to this Code, who violate this document will be subject to sanctions and disciplinary measures that may include their separation from the Company within the existing legal framework.


Buenaventura Código de Etica

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