Corporate governance

Buenaventura recognizes the importance of adopting good corporate governance practices. This means constantly evolving based on the following five pillars: a) Shareholders’ Rights; b) Shareholders’ Meetings; c) the Board of Directors and the Senior Management; d) Risk and Compliance; and e) Transparent Information.

As part of this evolution, Buenaventura has implemented the following corporate governance practices, among others:

  • The positions of Chairman of the Board and General Manager are held by different individuals.
  • Buenaventura has implemented Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations and Board of Directors’ Meeting Regulations, both of which are binding.
  • Buenaventura has approved and published a Code of Ethics, starting in 2003, which is mandatory for its directors, managers, officers, and other employees, and includes matters pertaining to ethics and professional liability.
  • Buenaventura discloses the standards adopted in corporate governance matters in its annual report, the content of which is overseen by the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors of Buenaventura:
    • Consists of seven (7) members, four (4) of whom are independent, and one (1) of whom acts as Lead Director.
    • Objectively evaluates its performance as a body and that of its individual members at least once a year.
    • Has an Audit Committee, a Remuneration Committee, a Nominations Committee, and a Corporate Governance Committee.