Plant employees at Tambomayo, Arequipa

About Us

Corporate profile

Compañía de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A. is a Peruvian precious metals producer with experience in exploration, development, construction and mining operations.

We commenced our activities in 1953 with the acquisition of the Julcani Mine in Huancavelica. Ever since then, we have worked to develop a business culture based on caring for the environment, as well as the health and safety of all our employees and respect for the communities.

We are the first Latin American mining company to list on the New York Stock Exchange, starting in 1996.

Testimony from Our
Founding President

Don Alberto Benavides de la Quintana (1920-2014), Founding President of Buenaventura, is considered one of Peru's most prominent mining and professional entrepreneurs. We present your personal testimony in which it gives an account of the beginnings of our company.

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Our History


  • Put together and maintain a multidisciplinary human team, aligned with our vision, whose works is based on high standards of excellence and safety, as well as respect for the environment and their social surroundings.
  • Apply the highest industry standards and promote continuous innovation.
  • Act in strict compliance with the law, ethical principles, and our values.
  • Promote organic growth through explorations and remain alert for opportunities to acquire mining assets in Peru and the rest of Latin America.

Our Vision
for 2024

Be a leading mining and metallurgical company in Latin America that creates the most value possible for society as a whole.


  • Honesty: Act in an upright and proper fashion, without lying, misleading, or leaving out the truth.
  • Laboriousness: A passion for work, giving the best of ourselves, acting efficiently, safely, and responsibly.
  • Loyalty: Commitment to the company, its mission, vision, and values. We are part of one and the same team.
  • Respect: Consideration for and courtesy toward other people, their ideas, their culture, and their rights.
  • Transparency: Truthful, clear, timely, and unambiguous communications and acts.