Coimolache Sulfides Project


Open pit

Hualgayoc, Cajamarca

3,800 MASL

BVN 40.1%

(100% BVN) is a copper deposit located beneath the current gold oxide operation at Coimolache. It is located in the District of Hualgayoc, Province of Hualgayoc, Region of Cajamarca. An open pit operation is planned, with the ore being processed by flotation to obtain copper concentrate with arsenic content.

488.5 M MT @ 0.76% (3.7 M MT Cu), @ 0.2 g/t (3.5 M Oz Au)

455.0 M MT @ 0.68% (3.1 M MT Cu), @ 0.1 g/t (2.2 M Oz Au)

As of December 31st 2016