Human Development

We are especially focused on education and health services in the most remote areas of Peru.


The “Aprender para Crecer” (“Learn to Grow”) Project has been our main channel of support. In alliance with the association “Entrepreneurs for Education” and the Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University, this Program seeks to build the capacities and improve the performance of teachers in the areas of communication, logic and mathematics, which has direct repercussions on students’ academic results. We also promote the “Enseña Perú” (“Teach Peru”) Program, an initiative aimed at developing soft skills among primary and secondary school children and implementing a range of educational projects in local communities.

As part of our efforts to improve access to higher education, we developed the Comprehensive Scholarship Program in Uchucchacua, Orcopampa, La Zanja, Julcani and San Gabriel, and supported different institutes of higher learning, especially the University for the Development of the Andean Region ( UDEA) in Lircay, Huancavelica, which was accredited by the National Superintendency of Tertiary Education (SUNEDU) this year.


With regard to health, in addition to the medical campaigns organized every year in the areas of influence of each one of our mining units, in 2016 we celebrated ten consecutive years participating in the medical campaigns organized together with the Peruvian-American Medical Society (PAMS). This effort has also included the collaboration of the Regional Government of Huancavelica, the Regional Health Directorate and the University for the Development of the Andean Region (UDEA) in Lircay. Over the course of the years, we have now sponsored 14,802 medical appointments and 515 surgeries, in addition to implementing equipment and providing supplies for the Lircay Hospital.


5,914 students

128 schools

194 scholarship recipients


PAMS Program


medical appointments

free surgeries