Production Development

We seek to help boost local production in the areas of influence where we work, whether independently or in synergy with government programs, with the sole goal of improving families’ wellbeing. To achieve this, we mainly promote the performance of the PRA Buenaventura in northern Lima, Arequipa, Moquegua, and Huancavelica, along with production development projects in Cajamarca. These two programs foster development by creating economic enterprises (production projects and local businesses) that are aimed at meeting market needs.

PRA Buenaventura

This Buenaventura-led program is focused on production development and commercial articulation, in strategic alliance with Cáritas del Perú. The Program’s main projects include: improved grazing lands, fruit orchards, and alpaca breeding in Arequipa; quinoa, purple maize, and cheese-making modules in Huancavelica; and dormant alfalfa in Oyón.

Since 2014

US$ 17 million
in sales achieved