Human Development

Education is one of the fundamental pillars for human development and, possibly, the most affected by the pandemic, followed by health, which has affected our children nationwide.

In this sense, we have continued with our “Aprender para Crecer” project, which is responsible for teacher training and has been adapted since the remote modality of 2020. Throughout the year, it has benefited 172 teachers from 46 schools and impacted 2259 students, in 8 districts of 4 regions: Lima, Pasco, Huancavelica, and Arequipa.

We know that one class is not enough to enhance capabilities, therefore our training strategy is to develop workshops, demonstration sessions, and group counseling and personalized ad hoc activities. In addition to this, we held workshops with parents, fundamental actors in the educational development of our children.


172 teachers
46 schools
2259 students
8 districts
4 regions

Other social indicators

Plans were executed in 6 out of 10 mining units and projects