Water Management

One of our overarching goals is to ensure the proper management of water in our mining units and exploration projects. As part of these efforts, we prioritize the recirculation and reuse of this input, especially in the metallurgical processes. We have also bolstered participative monitoring activities, with the participation of national, regional, municipal and community authorities, as well as consolidating the work done with the treatment systems to ensure the quality of all liquids dumped.

As a result of this hard work, we recirculate 85% of the water we use in our operations, as well as having optimized the treatment systems in the Uchucchacua and Orcopampa units.

Increased Water Availability

One of the policies that we promote as a company is the creation of environmental assets, such as the construction of reservoirs that allow us to store water in the rainy season so that it can be used during the dry season, mainly by the populations near our units, as well as in our operations. This helps to increase the water regulation capacity of the basins where we are present. Together with our affiliates, we store over 120 million m³ of water per year in 13 reservoirs that are used to supply water to our operations and improve the water supply for agricultural and livestock use in nearby communities.

Afforestation and Reforestation

With the goal of stabilizing slopes, reducing runoff, controlling soil erosion and fostering water infiltration, we also implement plant cover. We afforest and reforest areas to improve soil fertility and groundwater recharge. Over the last year, we have revegetated 92 hectares and planted 98,029 seedlings of different species, with an investment of US$ 1 million.


We recirculate
of the water we use in our operations

120 million
m³ stored

seedlings planted