We contribute to the construction and improvement of roads, schools, and health establishments in the areas near our mining units and projects. This helps improve living conditions and access to services and, therefore, to close existing gaps and thus promotes greater local competitiveness beyond the life of the mine. Emphasis has been mainly placed on water and sanitation projects, as well as water infrastructure works that have improved water use and agricultural production.

Public-Private Partnerships

We have succeeded in bolstering the work done in collaboration with local and regional authorities in sectors such as sanitation, agriculture, education, and transportation through public-private partnerships. With the aim of contributing to public works that benefit the communities in our areas of influence, we have focused on performing pre-investment studies and putting together technical files, as well as engaging in joint management efforts with local authorities.

Water and Sanitation

With regard to water and sanitation, we have provided technical files for works in different towns, with the goal of significantly increasing access to basic sanitation in our areas of influence.

On the other hand, as part of our efforts to improve access to water for agricultural use, we have supported pre-investment studies on irrigation projects.

Road Connectivity

We have joined efforts with regional governments, local municipalities and private companies from the area in order to move forward with high-impact projects that improve the quality of life of local populations through roadway infrastructure, connecting distant communities to help reduce travel times and allow their products to reach different markets on time. These efforts have involved a range of road projects, which include the construction, maintenance and upgrading of roads, local access routes and streets.

2014 - 2018

50 projects
leveraging government funds

S/ 108 million
leveraged in water and sanitation, irrigation and education

S/ 1,530 million
leveraged in large-scale roadway infrastructure projects