Human Resources

We promote the Company’s progress and growth through the incorporation, integration, and personal and professional development of each one of the 15,678 people employed by Buenaventura, our subsidiaries and contractors. We also strive to ensure an adequate workplace environment, in keeping with our corporate values.

Workplace Climate

Since 2002, we have conducted an annual workplace climate survey in each one of our units, projects and offices, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. In 2018, this task was once again entrusted to Mercer, an international consulting firm that specializes in this area, which distributed a questionnaire with five categories of questions.

This year, the general workplace climate index was 60%, exhibiting an improvement and remaining within the average range for the Peruvian mining sector. With this score, we consolidated our progress in this indicator, achieving sustained growth since 2012, when we obtained a 43% index.

Our results were also evident due to the fact that our employees’ level of commitment to the Company was 70%, while their job satisfaction level was 67%.


We employ a total of

Our employees’ satisfaction level
is 67%

Their level of commitment to the Company
is 70%